About Us

Abby and Jesseca during Special Studies Week.

Hey! Welcome to our blog!!  Here you can find the random ramblings of two science    nerds: Abby Tillman, and Jesseca Kusher. 🙂 We’re regional winners of the Intel Science Fair, and we’re headed to Phoenix, AZ. to present our project.  Needless to say, we’re incredibly excited.

Abby and I met last year during our school’s “Special Studies Week,” a week where students go and study off-campus. As science nerds, we both chose to go on the same trip to study South Carolina’s diverse estuaries. Over the course of the week, Abby and I became great friends, and now we’re science fair partners! Imagine how nicely that worked out?

 Abby in the Lab at Converse. Abby on the boat during Special Studies Week.

Abby Tillman is a senior at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. You could call her a regular southern-belle, except she’s the kind of southern belle who likes to play with explosions, and study planes. A truly kindhearted student, Abby will be attending either Auburn or Virginia Tech in the fall to study engineering.

Jesseca Kusher during Special Studies Week.  Jesseca relaxing on a cliff after a hike.

Jesseca Kusher is a sophomore at Spartanburg Day School, where she is involved with the school newspaper, drama club, cross country team, and envirothon team.  While someday she hopes to fight against climate change (as anything from a policy-maker to field biologist), Jesseca currently enjoys short film making, and creative writing. Perhaps Jesseca will take her teachers’ advice  and combine her passions to create conservation-oriented documentaries.


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