Terrific Tuesday!! :)

Tuesday was AMAZING. To summarize it in only words and pictures isn’t enough. I’ve been star-stuck, in-awe, and nervous, I’ve learned, grown, and adapted, and I’ve meet so many new, amazing friends. To do this day justice you would have to track down the Doctor, and travel back in time to re-live it with us. Anyway, I’ll try to do it justice:


I started out my day running so my cross country coach wouldn't eat me alive when I returned to SC.

Yesterday morning I woke up early and ran a few miles to release some nervous energy… so to assure my cross country coach, Coach Wilson, that I have been running, I took a picture.

The Tomorrow Project sounds very exciting!!!


Then, that morning Mr. Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, and a member of “The Tomorrow Project” tweeted back at me. That was exciting because I’m new to the twitterverse and frankly have no idea what I’m doing.

The other day Chad, Mr. Johnson, and I had the brief opportunity to talk, and take a picture together, right after the opening ceremony. I told Mr. Johnson how excited I am about The Tomorrow Project, a writing/film/comic-book competition for artists and writers from 13-25 years of age. The goal of The Tomorrow Project is to inspire young people to imagine the future of technology and our world as we know it.



Next, my day got even better when Abby met Dr. Bishop, a Nobel Laureate, and he wanted to see our project. After spending something like 20 minutes talking to us about our project, and medicine in general, Dr. Bishop stopped for a picture with us.



It was incredible to have the honor of meeting Dr. Bishop, and I was ecstatic to meet such an amazing scientist and gentleman. Later that day Abby and I met Taka, a representative from the Japanese press. He wanted to interview us about our conversation with Dr. Bishop, and was also probably impressed by my attempts at speaking Japanese.  Later that day we had the honor to be interviewed by Taka and his associates, all of whom were very nice and sociable. Upon me thanking them in Japanese, they all burst into laughter. Apparently I was acting too formal (?) maybe I just pronounced it all so horrifically they couldn’t understand what I was saying. Either way, this interview was definitely a highlight of our day.


Prior to the interview, but not by much, we had the opportunity of sitting in on a panel of 4 Nobel Laureates as they discussed questions as posed by the ISEF finalists. Afterwards, I stood in line with 3 rambunctious new Italian friends in order to meet Dr.Osheroff, the Nobel Laureate who won for Physics in 1996. I wanted to ask him about becoming a climate change scientist (since he had talked about it briefly during the panel) however, he did not have time, so he gave me his business card, an autograph, and he took a picture with me.


We secretly cheered for the Braves since we're from the Southeast...


Finally, to wrap an amazing day, ISEF sent all of the finalists, their parents, coaches, and observers to a Major League Baseball game: the Atlanta Braves (our team!) vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. I’m pretty sure the Diamondbacks won, however I am non positive because I spent the entire game getting ISEF people to sign my t-shirt.

😉 It was a fantastic day.


Jesseca Kusher


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