Ball Game?!

I know, I can speak Spanish.. Béisbol, béisbol, bésisbol...


The baseball game was so much fun!! While I am not really a baseball fan, it was really cool to meet new friends and to see such a large architectural feat as the Arizona Diamondback’s stadium.

Above are Abby and I before I set out on an adventure to get as many ISEF affiliates as possible to sign my t-shirt. Needless to say, I stopped really paying attention to the game around the 3rd inning… That’s when I started on my master plan to use a free t-shirt and some sharpies to meet as many people as possible.

My t-shit with tons of finalists names.My t-shit with tons of finalists names.

I got a ton of signatures and met hundreds of people. It was a great experience. I enjoyed (more than anything) the realization that came with asking total strangers to sign my t-shirt: ISEF students are some of the nicest, most intelligent students in the world, and I am so happy to be part of their group. 🙂 (It should also be noted that their parents, teachers, and mentors are also incredibly nice and wonderful for accepting me of me into their midst.)

The roof was retractable...

The sun thought the retractable (SOO COOL!!) roof of the Diamondback’s stadium.

The lovely baseball field from the ISEF section of the stands.

The field from above 🙂

There I am, harassing people to sign my t-shirt (just kidding, they wanted to)!


New friends!!

Overall, the game was incredible!! Although we were secretly cheering for the Braves (South Carolina is basically Georgia’s cousin) and they did not win, we all still had a great time!





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