Opening Ceremony at Intel ISEF

It was incredible, phenomenal, bizarre (in a great way), and so imaginative. From the ebullient Brazilians to the awesome South Koreas doing Gangham Style, and the whole crowd of 1,1611 science nerds doing the Harlem Shake— this night was unbelievable.

WE MET COOL PEOPLE. :) Our host was awesome.

After the ceremony, Chad and I had the opportunity to meet Colton Shone, a local multimedia journalist from CBS 5. He was the host for the ceremony, and his positive energy kept the crowd engaged and excited.

Abby was close to tears she was so happy.


Then, Abby got to meet a keynote speaker, and her hero– Adam Diedrich Stelzner, PhD. He was the head of Curiosity, the Mars rover, which Abby was obsessed/is obsessed with because of her aerospace engineering fascination/career goal.

We were so happy to have our picture taken with Mr. Johnson!!


After that, Chad and I got to meet Mr. Brian David Johnson, the futurist at Intel. It was a huge honor, and we later talked on twitter which was very cool.

It's so nice to meet new friends :)


Finally team SC got to meet some of my friend, Julie Quyen Cao’s friends from Vietnam. Julie is a forgiegn-exchange student back home in Spartanburg at Spartanburg Day School, and she is very cool. If any SDS people are reading this right now, can you please tell her that I was successful in finding her friends? 🙂


Opening ceremonies were great, and Intel ISEF is awesome. I’ll post the Tuesday post tomorrow morning.


Jesseca Kusher



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