Monday Madness

This past Monday was indeed, mad.

Our day started out incredibly early with a hotel breakfast, and then a trip on the Phoenix light rail with our precious poster. That morning was chaotic not only because we had a project infraction to clear, but also because our project sponsor, Dr. Neval Erturk, had many meetings to attend during the potential infraction-clearing times. Luckily, the volunteers at ISEF were very understanding, and she was able to skip her conflicts that morning in order to attend our meeting with the Science Review Committee. 🙂

OKAY. Now it’s shout-out time. I don’t know if they’ll ever see this blog, but we’ve got some AWESOME Spartanburg people to thank. Thank you so much to Dr. Steel, Dr. Keen, and Rachell— all Converse College affiliates who helped run our paperwork from one building to another in order to supply us with what we had felt back home. Abby and I are eternally greatful, and I hope you all like cake — because I’m baking you one.


So then, infraction cleared (which by the way, was no easy process, so thank you to Mrs. Colbertson [our regional fair director], Dr. Erturk, and all of the SRC– you were very kind and understanding), we set out to set up our poster… About an hour later we were done, and on the move again.


lunch is good, lunch is great, we should all just celebrate-- lunch!!

After a great lunch at the BOG, we headed back to the convention center for an incredible symposium entitled, “Telling Your Story.”

Abby, Tiffany Peery, Lisa Smith, Jesseca, and Teva


Here we had the privilege to meet Ms. Tiffany Peery, and Ms. Lisa M. Smith– both of whom work for Intel Corporation. They spoke on how to present oneself to a potential employer (or science fair judge! 🙂 ) in order to be successful. They were very informative and gave out awesome t-shirts that said, “Talk nerdy to me.” They were great, and now I follow both of them on Twitter.

Intel Corp. gives out great t-shirts, FYI


Chad and I with our incredible host


Later that afternoon we headed to the Intel E-lounge, an area set up solely for teenagers to go an blow off steam. There are games, computers, comfy beanbags, and just about every electronic gizmo you could ever want to play with. While there Chad (part of team SC!) and I, got to meet the 10 year old DJ from NY. He was awesome, and his music was impressive.

I embarrassed out our entire party by freaking out when I found my name...

Finally, we all found our names on a GIANT board of finalist names. I’ll admit to freaking out a bit from joy when I found mine… 🙂

More soon!!

Jesseca Kusher




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