The Trees of Phoenix

The trees of Phoenix.

Today I set out on an adventure walking in the blistering AZ heat to the residential Staples of downtown Phoenix in order to procure a poster board. It wasn’t until after walking 5 blocks in 95 degree temperatures, that Mom and I realized we could have taken the light rail (a trolley-like system, THAT HAS AIR CONDITIONING!!) all the way there.

I was disappointed, hot, and (I’ll admit it) a bit whiny, but she was optimistic, cheerful, and encouraging. I have a wonderful mom.  As an Environthon girl from back home in SC, I spent the walk trying to identify Southwest trees. Unfortunately, to my chagrin, I could identify nothing more than a few palm trees and “Look Mom, another Cactus!” 😦 Maybe I’ll have better luck later this week when we sneak away from ISEF to go to the botanical gardens.

More later!  -Jesseca Kusher


One response to “The Trees of Phoenix

  1. Jesseca, Dr. Doug thinks the plant/tree in the photo is a species of Parkinsonia. A member of the pea family (legume). Take some more photos. Dad

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