Why Oregano?


SO, why Oregano? Well, other than being beautiful, and a key ingredient in some of our favorite foods- oregano is said to have some pretty cool properties.

Honestly though, Oregano is awesome.  After spending a few hours in the lab pouring agar, and working under the hoods, smelling the oregano oil we used was a nice relief. It also made us hungry… But there’s no eating in the lab!! We had to set aside our pizza cravings for later. (:

In alternative medicine, Oregano is said to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that made it very highly valued by the ancient Greeks. In today’s world of alternative medicine it is used to treat anything from toothache to insect bites and much more.

Our project worked to find herbs that could potentially be grown in all different environments so that their oil extracts could be harvested and used by women in developing countries.  Oregano is a perfect example of a hardy herb, that can grown with little water and fertilizer needs.  Therefore, it is a great candidate for an herbal remedy that can be grown and used in a multitude of different biomes; and by many people of different economic backgrounds.


3 responses to “Why Oregano?

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  2. Does anyone know how much oregano (by weight) it would take to make 1 oz. of oregano extract or oil? I’m looking for a ratio that would give me some idea of how much acreage one would need to produce this at a large scale. This is very interesting to someone with an agricultural background like me. A crop that can be grown with little or no inputs (fertilizer) and can be turned into a high valued, useful product is just plain amazing! I like replacing bad things with good things from nature, our future depends on it.

  3. Hello @gregsarmas ! Sadly, we did not produce our own oregano oil extract for our experiments. We purchased a commercial sample at a health food store. However, producing our own and running the experiment with homemade OOE, would be a great way to continue our research. I found this page online that might help: http://www.ehow.com/how_7383039_extract-oil-through-steam-distillation.html?ref=Track2&utm_source=ask

    Thanks for following our blog! I will definitely look into your question, and experiment a bit in the kitchen. 🙂 Keep checking back, and I’ll post something later this week.

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